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Most of the material I post here is “scientific”in nature; that is, it cites scientific, psychological and sociological data. I concentrate on such studies because the prejudices of our times assume that quantifiable truth, is the only “truth” there is.

My conviction, however, is that theological and philosophical truths get at the most important realities and do so in the most important way, by founding claims on revelation and reason.  This is an excellent philosophical analysis of how contraception has changed our understanding of sex from something sacred to a mere commodity.  Read all the installments; they are wonderful.

Contraception has enabled people to treat sex as a low-priced commodity—an item to consume and thereby buildsocial capital. Instead of sacralizing sex as earlier cultures have done, we have mass-produced it. We have disenchanted it by treating it simply as a bodily function leaving the mediation between lovers to pharmaceutical and other corporations. The church has been pushed out of the bedroom, and the pharmaceutical corporation has been invited in its place.