If only our Bishops had thought to consult with David Gibson

How foolish our bishops were to not call upon David Gibson for a lesson in casuistry or hair-splitting! He instructs the bishops it is no moral problem for Catholic institutions to pay for contraception, especially if done indirectly, because their payments would be only remote cooperation with evil. Gibson tells us that if the bishops had only mastered the material in Moral Theology 101, they would know that it is morally permissible to cooperate with evil remotely.

Gibson seems to have missed the class session in Moral Theology 101 where the application of the principles of the kinds of cooperation were fully explained. He seems to be unaware that demonstrating that the degree of cooperation with evil is immediate or remote in no way settles an issue. Certainly, it is always wrong to cooperate with evil formally and immediately. But just because the cooperation with evil is remote does not mean that it is morally permissible or wise to cooperate in an evil action.

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