Humanae Vitae and Conscience


Since the publication of Humane Vitae in 1968, Catholics have continued to invoke what noted professor Dr. Janet Smith calls the “conscience clause” when it comes to ignoring the Church’s teaching on contraception. Yet most Catholics have never read Humane Vitae, and are ignorant of the teachings contained therein. What does it mean to dissent from the Church’s teaching? What is the conscience, and when is it permissible to follow it instead of the Church? How can we drown out the noise of culture, peer groups and our own desires when we are struggling to hear the voice of God?

In this challenging and thought-provoking talk, Professor Smith examines the role of modern theologians in encouraging dissent from Church teaching on contraception, and the proper role of conscience in determining how we are to act in accord with God’s will for our lives. Discover the beauty of the truths expressed in Humane Vitae, and learn how to follow your conscience while staying aligned with Church teaching.