Contraception to treat hormonal issues is bad medicine

This woman could easily get contraceptives but could not get treatment for a legitimate ailment:

The fact that men have treatments for legitimate disorders that affect men but women are forced to endure our medical problems or accept scraps rather than solutions just reeks of sexism. It baffles me that it is self-proclaimed feminists who are indignant about not getting free contraception somehow fail to see that women with real health problems are woefully neglected. The only way I can explain it is that women are forced to use socks as gloves when their hands are cold. Sure, the socks do warm the hands, but the fingers become useless. Likewise, the pill would have eased my pain, but my reproductive organs would no longer function.

Doctors tend to prescribe contraceptives quite indiscriminately for hormonal related issues.   The problem is that contraceptives heal no diseases.  Yes, they can help with symptoms — and sometimes temporarily that is of great benefit.  But they cure no conditions.  Those who have problems caused by hormonal imbalance should consult with doctors trained at the Pope Paul VI Institute in Omaha, NE. Very few doctors know what they know and can help as they can help.